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Saturday, December 03, 2005



Well how do you like that? :-(

Due to veiled threats of legal action, I've been forced to withdraw this blog from the internet.

Thanks to the many readers who came to see me, and sorry about the lack of well-heeled tory girls to ogle.

Sorry for not being Helen Bain. If I were, it would be a different man I would write about.

Oh, and sorry for talking about the love that dare not speak it's name a little too much, and sorry for forgetting to mention the number of times I've been voted sexiest man on the internet. Sorry for constantly babbling about Harry Potter, and sorry for only ever giving news stories the detail of a finger painting. Hey, fudging details isn't lying! ;-P

It's been a wild, wild and crazy five days. God... I'm getting choked up...

Mark, I love you and will be home soon. And no, I have no idea who David P. Farrar is either.

PS. Please remember to turn the A/C down to 'Arctic'. Ta.

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